Throwback Thursday: A Classic Comeback to an Age-Old Question

If you have a teenage daughter, you know that there is no better source of cold, hard truth—especially about your appearance and fashion sense.

I rely heavily on my 19-year-old daughter for honest answers to critical questions like, “Hey, is it okay to wear socks with these?” I text pictures to her while shopping so she can assist with wardrobe choices. She screens my outfits before I leave for dates.

This may be her most significant contribution to our household—she keeps me from looking like a dork, or at least from looking like an old dork.

I became aware of Maddy’s gift for hard-hitting fashion feedback when she was very young. Consider this magnificent exchange from when she was just four years old.

I had just bought a new outfit, and it was a bit of a style departure for me. Fifteen years ago, I was every bit as bottom-heavy as I am now. Big butts weren’t as acceptable then as they are now. (They ARE acceptable now. I believe in my heart that they are.) So, I tended to hide my “curvy” lower half under big, tunic-style tops.

This time however, in a moment of body-bravado, I’d purchased a fitted black sweater and a printed wrap-around skirt. It was a long, narrow skirt with a tribal pattern on it. Between the fitted sweater and narrow skirt, my shape wasn’t hidden at all.

“Wanna see my new outfit?” I asked four-year-old Maddy, and she, already clothing-conscious and opinionated, gamely agreed.

I put on the outfit and stood in front of the mirror, where I could see her little face looking at me from behind.

Head tilted, she considered my ensemble with a definite frown. It was so clear that she didn’t approve, I just had to do it: I had to ask that age-old question. And she gave the best answer that I’ve ever heard.

“What’s the matter, honey?” I asked. “Do you think this skirt makes my butt look big?”

“No,” she said seriously, my joke lost on her. “I think your butt makes that skirt look big.”

Maddy age four 3

11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: A Classic Comeback to an Age-Old Question

  1. This made me laugh out loud. 🙂 My teenage son thinks Im horribly embarrassing. I think I am fairly fashionable for a mom on a budget, but whatever. Hes not as concerned with my clothes as just with ME apparently. 😉

    • Mine isn’t particularly embarrassed of me, she just tells me how it is–usually because I ask her. But she’s still that unflinching about it. “Do these shoes look stupid with these pants?” “Yes.”

    • Thanks! I really do think it is the most brilliant answer to that question. So true, and so succinct. I’m surprised no one came up with that already. When she said that, I had to quickly exit the room so as not to laugh in front of her. You know when a little kid drops an f-bomb or something and it’s hilarious, but you don’t want to encourage them by laughing…I didn’t want her walking around repeating that line all the time. I practically ran out of the room and called my sister to tell her. Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2015 19:45:33 +0000 To:

  2. Yep, big butts are acceptable – in fact, they’re celebrated – now. Just ask our Funny Names Blog favorite Iggy Azalea!

    Your daughter’s answer to your question is pretty fantastic… I’m amazed I’ve never heard anyone else give that answer!

    • Hi Dave!! Good to hear from you!

      That’s exactly how I feel…why didn’t anyone come up with that sooner? Except for my four year old, 15 years ago? She’s brilliant, I tell ya!

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