Meg OTO (683x1024)

Here I am: a single mother of two grown kids, a dog lover, a crafty girl, a cooking enthusiast, a neglectful gardener, an avid reader, an Orange County resident, a sister, daughter, girlfriend…

The hardest part of starting this here blog was narrowing down the focus. In fact, you could say that being unfocused is a big part of my focus. I’m trying to figure it all out. I’m defining the next chapter. And I’ve decided to do it publicly, as publicly as public interest allows, anyway. In other words, read along if you’re interested.

I had my kids young– one at 20, one at 23. I missed a lot of the experiences that young adults have, and I told myself that I’d just make it all up when the kids were grown. After all, I thought, I’ll still be young.

Well, it’s here. Both kids are in college, working on their own lives–it’s time for me to get my own. And yes, I guess I’m still relatively young, but I feel so unprepared! It’s my turn to explore and have fun, but the truth is that I don’t know where to start.

Sometimes when you don’t see a clear path, you can take some small steps and the direction will begin to reveal itself. I know that writing and creative pursuits are a big part of who I am. So I will use that to figure out the rest of who I am.

I think I feel a post coming on.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Just subscribed. I, too, have a hard time narrowing the focus but I like that in a person…

    • That’s probably because, like me, you’re in the who-do-I-want-to-be-now phase, right? My youngest is a senior in high school and I am feeling like I’m going to have a serious identity crisis when she leaves. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog. Time to get a life! A full life, as you would say…

  2. Enjoyed meeting you in Phoenix. Read several of your blog posts and wanted to tell you that you write really well – strong sense of voice, (sounds like you) and above all — not boring. Honestly, I think it’s better than 90% of personal writing being published today.

  3. Please forgive the self-promotion, but I told you about some articles I had written. Here’s the one I am most proud of. (Try not to be put off by the accompanying artwork.)

    Click to access Waddell_0.pdf

    The subject is academic, but there is a personal aspect to it.

    Read it if you get some time. If you have a comment on it, I’d love to hear from you. The article has my name and the school I work at, so if you so you can go to the school website and email me, if you so choose.

  4. Hi Meg, I’m grateful that we attended the press publish conference together here in Phoenix. I saw your comment at the press publish blog this morning and just wanted to connect and cheer you on to writing victory! While I know we didn’t talk at length I do believe that I recognize your face 😀 All the best!

    • Thank you! I recognize your face for sure. Hopefully they will do it again and I will be a little more deliberate about networking, which is not my strong suit…but it really was the best part for me, to be surrounded by all the like-minded people. Very inspiring.

      • I’m just thrilled that other bloggers wrote posts to share their experience. At one point I remember thinking, “Is everyone enjoying this as much as I am?” And it looks like the answer is a rousing, “Yes!” Perhaps they’ll have one in Orange County. I’m already looking forward to more 😀

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